Your passport must be valid for 6 months past your return date. You pick up your Visa at the Cairo airport at a special
window before you pass through customs and immigration. Cost: about $25.
Feel free to contact us for more information about travel information

KHALIFA EXPEDITION                               
Khaled Khalifa
Bawiti Lotos-House
Bahariya Oasis, Egypt

Mobile  0020 1228 877 770
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If you do not have adequate insurance, you may purchase foreign travel insurance. It should include: return trip guarantee,
health, accident, and return insurance in case of death. These costs are not covered by us.
Before you travel, visit your doctor and dentist. You will be traveling in areas where medical services are not always
immediately available. In case you are under the care of a doctor, ask your physician about the risks. The traveler is
responsible for special or doctor-prescribed medications. We have satellite telephones during our tours in the desert at our
disposal for emergency.  We can make contact world-wide at any time.  Vaccinations are not required. Please consult your
physician if you have questions.
Today safety precautions have been sharpened. Our tours travel in minimally populated or unpopulated areas and are
As we have a very contact with secuirty we are always updated with latest security and safety details.   
We reserve the right to make program changes if required by outside circumstances. Examples include changes made
because of weather or because we are unable to get required permits for special areas at that time. In such cases we will
attempt to find equivalent alternatives.
Sign up date is at least 1 month before the beginning of the trip. Please note that there is no permits yet to do trips
into the Great Sand Sea, the Gilf el Kebir and Djebel Unweinat.
Safaris and Trekking tours
Upon confirmation, please send 50 percent of the trip's cost to our Swiss account. The remaining 50 percent must be
transferred to our account at least 1 month prior to the trip's start. Upon our receipt of the funds you will receive travel

From 21 – 15 days before trip start 100€ per person processing charge  
From 14 – 7 days before trip start 50% of the trip cost
Less than 7 days before trip start 100% of the trip cost
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