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In this page we have listed some programs that we have organized during our experience in
the desert tours.

We have prepared different kind of experiences in the desert and oasis of Egypt:

EXPEDITIONS:  Long range tours deep inside the desert, far from all civilization, pollution and
noise. This kind of tour are suggested to that people that are looking for exhiting places to
recover body, mind and soul.  A lot of sunny days to "recharge your battery", absolute silence
to relax in deep and listen yourself, beautiful colors for joy of your eyes and soul, a little bit
adventure to discover a new world never seen before and much more. We offer you the best
quality for safety cars, healthy food, pure water and clean camping staff, guaranteed by our
Swiss and Egyptian culture.

SAFARI: You can discovery the culture and the archeological sites of the oasis of Egypt. We
guide you to the wonderful sites in the desert around the oasis like Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla,
Kharga and the famous Siwa. You will be moved back in the middle age. All these oasis was
very important during the pharaonic time and you can experience even today this
atmosphere. We are specialist to bring our guests away of the touristic places as we knew our
oasis and the desert very well. In this way you can enjoy the real desert area and the
marvellous landscape.

CAMEL TREKS: To ride with our own camels that are growing up and treated with love
through the desert is a very deep experience for your soul. With our camel group you can
feel the experience of old caravan travelling. Meanwhile the trekking you will be come more
familar with your camel and sees grow up the confidence in yourself. This experience will give
you a lot of relaxing. Rythm of the camels will bring you in the atmosphere at the age of
Lawrence of Arabia.

RETREATS: Retreat for teacher with their own group. We can offer you the all service to
come with your own group in special isolated places in the desert where you can teach your
students. Since the long time the group are coming back to us for they're very satisfied with
our services. You can go in the retreat with or without camels. Here in the desert you find total
silence which guide you to clearness.  

hectic life. A time to reach ourself. A time for consciousness. A time to let flow everything. A
time to create peace. A time to develop more creativity and find solutions in your life.

PAINTING HOLIDAYS: The desert is a wonderful teacher for painters. Visit it's lot of different
colors, the smooth difference between the colors of the sand with the special lights in the
morning and the evening gives you chances to discover more and more the secrets of light,
shadows and colors. The different landscape offer you to see the desert in your own artistic

HOLIDAY IN OASIS: We bring you the oasis to experience the life in the oasis, the hospitality
of the simple nice people. It is so beautiful to see the old villages; the greenery and the desert
around make nice illustrations. It is so quite for relaxing. To relax in the quietness and safe for
children to play around so it is very good for family groups.
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