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Cairo – Bahariya Oasis – White Desert – Farafra Oasis – Dakhla Oasis – Abu Ballas –
Red Lions – Tall Ahmer – Wadi Bakht – Wadi Gazaier – Prince Kamal EL Din – Wadi
Sura – Mushroom Rock – Wadi El Princess – Wadi Abu El Malek – Silica Glass – Great
Sand Sea – Siwa Oasis – Bahariya – Cairo


This expedition is unique. At the beginning you get an impression of the different
inhabited areas in the Western Desert  of Egypt and the other deserts within which
differ remarkably.      

From Dakhla you drive and move into lonely areas of the desert which have only in
1932 for the first time been recorded on a map. The landscape is phantastic. The
colors and shapes of the mountains vary considerably. The same is true for the palette
of sand colors.

Abu Ballas is the first location you are driving at. You will see rock inscriptions from
Neolithic age as well as remains of old clay potteries.

The next area which shows signs of an early inhabitation is Wadi Bakht. You have to
experience its unbelievable atmosphere. In this southeastern part of your tour you will
visit the monument which the famous Count Almashi (from the movie “The English
Patient”) has erected for his friend Prince Kamal el Din who first discovered the Gilf El

At Wadi Sura you will admire the rock paintings from different epochs which have
partially been done on top of each other.

Wadi Abu El Malek extends for some 120 km into the plateau formed by the Gilf.
According to old sagas this is the area in which the disappeared oasis Zarzora may
have been. You find Acacias trees und other plants which manage to cope with the
extreme dryness. This Wadi may be regarded a pearl of the Gilf El Kebir. It's so far
untouched status is very impressive.

If you are lucky you may find some Silica Glass in this part of the Great Sand Sea. It
derives from a meteorite hitting our planet in this area. It is unique on earth.

The crossing of the Great Sand Sea with its occasionally 100 meter high dunes is an
exceptional adventure. First sand, nothing but sand, and then suddenly in the first
valley bushes, later rocks and toward the end of a crossing slate mountain with its
fossilized sea animals and plants. What a delight after 12 days to enjoy a bath in an
artesian well in the middle of the dunes.

Siwa entices you with its visible attractions. The return trip to Cairo proceeds through
Khalifa Expedition - Program - Gilf el Kebir
Khalifa Expedition - Program - Gilf el Kebir
Khalifa Expedition - Program - Gilf el Kebir
Gilf el Kebir
Gilf el Kebir
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