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Bahariya Oasis, Egypt

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Cairo – Bahariya Oasis – Harra Oasis – Muharrik Dunes  –   Garra Cave  – Santat –
Aqabat – White Desert – Black Desert – Bahariya – Wadi Raiyan – Cairo


You spend one day in Cairo and can visit the pyramids of Giza and Sakkara with a
knowledgeable guide.

You visit the Bahariya Oasis with its numerous discoveries from pharaohs and Greek
and Roman times.

You ascend the plateau and view a wonderful landscape of many rolling hills.

The Abu Muharrik Dunes await you in their majestic splendor.

The stalactite cave, which were rediscovered by the German researcher Rohlfs in
1873, form one of the high points of this trip.

"In their purity the stalactites are hard to surpass," wrote Rohlfs*.

They meet at the acacia trees. On the return trip you cross passes and look into the
amazing landscape with its wind carved cliff formations.

You experience the transition from White to Black Desert and at the end of the trip you
get a visit to the Wadi Raiyan, which has now been partly designated a nature preserve.

You exert yourself to visit the Garra-Caves, which were already inhabited in Neolithic
times. In addition you are rewarded with all the normal natural wonders associated with
a safari.

* “Drei Monate in der Libyschen Wüste“ Gerhard Rohlfs S.59
Khalifa Expedition - Program - Garre Cave
Khalifa Expedition - Program - Garra Cave
Garra Cave
Garra Cave
Khalifa Expedition - Map tour Garra Cave
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Khalifa Expedition - Program - Garra Cave
Garra Cave
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