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Khaled Khalifa and his team say welcome to you. You're visiting the official web site of Khalifa Expedition, the most
important Egyptian desert guide in the east Sahara.   Khaled and his expert staff will guide you to discover the wonderful
deserts of west part of Egypt and share with them a lot of experiences.   With them you'll be able to visits by 4x4 Toyota
Land Cruiser, by Camels, by Bike or by Foot, these fantastic lands in the Sahara and to enjoy and to feed your body, mind
and soul.  You'll be able to travel with the true lovers of the desert.
We have prepared some special
offers to recharge your body,
mind and soul, discovering the
desert and oasis. An easy way to
discover a wonderful world, in
few days.
Last minute booking.
Short tour WHITE DESERT.
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Khaled Khalifa
Bawiti Lotos-House
Bahariya Oasis, Egypt

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Dear friends, we have organized a wide
collection of desert photo, oasis
pictures to bring your eyes and your
mind to discover the desert colours,
lights and shadows. This is the first
step to feed you imagination and to
discover our magic land.
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Our friends can share their
journey experiences and stay in
contact with us and with all
desert lovers using most
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video can be shared thanks to
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KHALIFA EXPEDITION: Discovery of a new rock - art in Gilf el Kebir near Wadi Sura. In an exploration expedition through
the Great Sand Sea, Gilf El Kebir.  We reached the New Rock Art Cave in south west of the Gilf El Kebir by climbing down
through three small canyons  from a valley west of Wadi Malek.
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Khalifa Expedition: special offers to recharge your body, mind and soul, discovering the desert and oasis
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Discovery of a new rock-art in Gilf el Kebir near Wadi Sura - Khalifa Expedition