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KHALIFA EXPEDITION                               
Khaled Khalifa
Bawiti Lotos-House
Bahariya Oasis, Egypt

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I am Khaled Khalifa, have set as my goal to bring people to love to the Egyptian Desert, to enjoy and to be healed by this
wondeful nature.
Khaled grew up in the Bahariya and Siwa Oases. He has more than 35 years experience in tourism.  As a desert expert he
has a well-founded
knowledge of the Libyan Desert and the Sinai.
Khaled Khalifa, As a therapist he has competence in talk therapy as well as in foot-massage (N.D.-method) to bring clarity
to body, mind and spirit (in case such treatment is desired).
He did arrange many retreat and meditation tours.
Khalifa Expedition employ  specially trained personnel which is indispensable for these kinds of expeditions, camel-trekking
and safaris.
4 x 4 Toyota Land Cruisers
with the seats in driving direction
Buses and micro Bus
Riding camels
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Khalifa Expeditions - Camels for treks
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